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For you, there’s no line between marketing and sales because there’s only one goal. Imagine having a partner who understands this and is with you to support you at every stage of the process. That’s Virago.

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Together, let’s uncover how we can create a successful lead generation program.

Fuse Sales and Marketing

The most successful B2B companies today are the ones that are internally aligned, with open communication channels and agreed-upon goals and lead parameters. Our agency looks at the big picture to ensure lead quality is managed and consistently optimized, content best practices are shared and upheld, and sales participates effectively throughout every stage of the process.

Full-Funnel Support

Fill the gaps that leads can fall through. Eliminate the inconsistencies that impede a prospect’s progress through the funnel. Virago’s approach keeps your total addressable market (TAM), account-based marketing (ABM), and pipeline developments with one team. Our support includes conversion and all that goes along with it. In our role, we often take on lead scoring, lead routing, and lead qualification.

Sales Enablement

Throughout the buyer’s journey, alignment with sales is critical. We anticipate the needs of your sales team and provide the tools, content and consistent messaging they need to drive opportunities.

Support Through Close

Virago’s approach breaks down the rigid boundaries that historically existed between sales and marketing as well as between brand and agency. We are an insider ally who supports you up and through the close. Marketing to us is being engaged full funnel—even after a lead becomes a customer, we’re reaching out for testimonials and case studies.