Customer Advocacy

What if your customers advertised for you? The fact is, they probably already do with word of mouth, YouTube reviews, Facebook statuses, Tweets, Instagram posts, and/or sharing your content over the internet. Customer advocacy is considered the most trustworthy type of advertising because it is delivered by real people to real people. And it’s free! Our goal is to encourage customers to be advocates for your product or service through incentives, responsive customer service, and by developing attention-grabbing stories around your brand.

Charting Your Progress

Customer Success Stories

When your customers have a great experience with your product or service, their stories are a valuable marketing tool for you. What were their issues that brought them to you? How did you solve their problem? How are they benefitting now? A customer success story makes a great read and can often convince a prospect to become a customer. Our challenge is to get your customers to write these stories, have them share the stories on their own internet platforms, or send them to you to post on your website or social media.

Email Communications

Emails are considered the most effective way to communicate with the people who are already your customers. Keeping in touch so you form a close relationship, informing them of updates or new services, offering them incentives – these are just a few ways that Virago can develop and nurture advocates for your product or service through emails.

Customer Experience Management and Measurement

Your product or service may be topnotch – but if the buying and follow-up experience you provide is just average or below par, you are likely out a prospect or existing customer. You may think you treat your customers well, but the only way to really know is to measure the “customer experience”. We are experienced with setting up parameters, measuring information, conducting surveys, analyzing the data, and suggesting upgrades to your customer service based on our findings.

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