Lead Nurturing

It’s a little like fishing. You hook the fish (lead generation). Now you have to reel it in (lead nurturing). When you’ve got a lead on the line, our goal is to help you close the deal with a concerted marketing and communication effort that builds trust and connects you with your prospect.
Charting Your Progress

Email Communications

Have you noticed? Most people are no longer picking up the phone and calling for information. Instead, they prefer the impersonal and anonymous email or text. And they expect the same from you. In the past few years, the science of email marketing has led to new and exciting ways to capture prospects, develop lasting relationships, and seal the deal! We love to talk. But we also love to write effective emails. In fact, our email campaigns consistently achieve open-end engagement rates 100% better than industry standards.

Workflow Development

Creating a defined path for your different business tasks, one in which each department and each individual knows their role and where it sits in the big picture, is referred to as workflow management. With well-constructed workflow checklists, a project moves from start to finish quicker and far more efficiently. Our experience in workflow development can help you develop a workflow system that saves you time and money!

Lead Scoring

Remember when the scorecard vendor at the ballgame cried, “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard!” For your industry, the cry might be, “You can’t know your qualified leads without a scorecard!” Where are your leads coming from, who is following you on the internet, and who are your qualified leads? We are experts at lead scoring, a system of tracking this information which answers these questions and informs your marketing moving forward.


Collateral refers to product or sales support materials that are usually in hard copy form: brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces, sell sheets, etc. Written and designed well, a collateral piece enhances your brand, creates new channels of communication with your best prospects, and connects you with your customers. Unlike digital forms of marketing which disappear the instant the viewer clicks on a new page, collateral is very durable and can sit in a person’s view for months before it goes in the trash. Of course, the piece will go in the trash immediately if it isn’t of value to its recipient. Our job is to give value to all your collateral.

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