Marketing Fundamentals

As a full service marketing agency, Virago designs and implements marketing strategies for tech industries that blend digital and traditional methods to generate qualified leads and grow your revenue. We excel in studying methodological and evolving customer behavior to obtain a better understanding of the psychological process that comprises the buyer’s journey.

Charting Your Progress


When people think of your tech industry, do they immediately think of your company, service, or product? If not, we can button up your branding by creating your branding identity – a common conception in the mind of the public of your company’s unique and highly beneficial products and services. This “branding” becomes your unique signature and one we use to align and develop all of your marketing materials.

Building Your Brand

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Buyer Persona Validation
  • Pub Advertising (Banner)
  • Thought Leadership Opps
  • Analyst/Consultant Relations
  • Partner Integrations
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Brand Optimization

Bringing Your Brand to Life

  • Marketing Brochures
  • Campaign
  • Advertising
  • PPT Template
  • Letterhead
  • Solution Logos
  • Email Signature
  • SEM Pages (Landing Pages)
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Buyer Personas

Tech Stack

Tech stacks are the various technologies used in combination to build or run a software application. These technologies include front-end and back-end tools, databases, programming languages, frameworks, and applications linked with APIs. We understand what it takes to put a complex application together for a supply chain company like yours. We come up with innovative and creative solutions using tech stacks for your unique application needs.


Are you speaking your customer’s language? Are you getting the most mileage from every word on every page of your website? Virago can refresh your current site or design a totally new one to attract more viewers and generate more leads: content marketing, copywriting, videos, graphics, blogs, photos, SEO and more. Over the years, we have performed complete website redesigns and optimization generating over 30% more qualified traffic.

  • Improved Conversion Optimization
  • Shipper/Carrier Paths
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Clearer Solutions Copy
  • Copy Reflective of New Brand
  • Dynamically Display Newest Content
  • Social Proof Points
  • Interactive Resource Center
  • Improved Mobile Experience
  • Better SEO/ Sitemap

Strategy / Budget

Every marketing plan starts with a marketing strategy and a budget. The budget will determine how we chart your Roadmap to Success. Our goal is to develop strategies that give your company the best chance to reach prospective consumers and turn them into loyal customers of your products or services – no matter what the budget.


Design and implement marketing strategies that blend digital strategies and traditional methods together for qualified lead generation and revenue growth


Develop go-to-market strategies including buyer personas, content strategy, Martech implementation


Achieve and communicate a sustainable competitive advantage over rival companies


Help direct your advertising dollars to where it will have the most impact


Media strategy and purchasing

Buyer Personas

The best way to get to know the motivations, behaviors, habits, and hobbies of your ideal customer is to develop and conduct research on the people who are already your clients and those who are considered prospects. From the data compiled, you can create your ideal hypothetical customer and develop and target all your marketing content to this one “persona”.

Client Journey Map

What “route” do your customers take to become informed buyers? What is their experience across all your brand touchpoints? In other words, what is their Customer Journey. When we understand where they have been, it informs our marketing on how to speak to them moving forward and via which platforms. A client journey map is a visual representation of your prospects’ path to your door.

Reporting/ KPI’S

How effective are you at achieving your business goals? The best way to find out is to measure, organize, and analyze your company’s KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). We have the tools and experience to perform KPI research that will help identify your strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, help us develop verbal and visual content targeted to your business growth.

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