Sales Enablement

Utilizing your sales teams to efficiently and effectively move customers from the sales process to the point where they can make a buying decision is called sales enablement. It is a complex process that requires a highly skilled sales team and a comprehensive strategy. Virago involves not only sales and marketing in the sales enablement process, but all customer-facing roles. We make sure that everyone in your company is properly equipped with the necessary tools and materials to effectively engage with prospective buyers.
Charting Your Progress

LinkedIn Automation

With LinkedIn Automation, connecting to new prospects is easy and automatic, and pitching your products and content to new customers is far more efficient. This important marketing tool also allows more views and messages to reach your LinkedIn inbox. When set up by your Virago team, LinkedIn Automation is incredibly useful for marketing teams with multiple LinkedIn accounts because it rids them of time-consuming and repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on your company’s core functions.

Strategic Relationships

More than in any other industry, supply chain companies are interconnected with a vast web of other supply chain businesses. The chain is broken without seamless communication from all the links. That’s why it is so beneficial to form strategic relationships with other companies that can help you and that, in turn, need your help. With over 30 years in the supply chain industry and as a shipping logistics digital marketing agency, we’ve traveled coast-to-coast to meet and develop close relationships with virtually every link in the chain. We can connect you with the companies that can help expand your business horizons and boost your bottom line – and you theirs.

Business Development

Virago has extensive experience with tech industries, both as marketers and supply chain company higher-ups. For that reason, we feel that we are best qualified to provide you with the ideas, initiatives, and activities designed to make your business better and stronger. This includes increasing revenues, growth in expansion, increasing your bottom line, and making strategic business decisions to help your company. After accumulating the necessary data from research and studies, we can assess where your best opportunities are for revenue growth.

The basics include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Business planning
  • Product management
  • Negotiations
  • Personal introductions into prospect accounts
  • Sales presentations
  • Sales model set up
  • Cost savings

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