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2024 Outlook and Trends: Supply Chain Marketing

State of the Industry Survey Findings

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Looking forward to 2024, the Supply Chain Marketing Outlook and Trends report reveals notable year-over-year trends in budgets, objectives, tactics, and metrics based on surveying over 100 industry leaders.

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Budgets & Teams

Larger companies invest more in marketing. Most firms with less than 100 employees have modest budgets under $500K. Mid-market players prioritize marketing more, spending more than $1M.

Marketing Budget Breakdown By Revenue

Less than $500k

$500k – $1M
$1M – $5M
$5M – $10M
There’s a gap between revenue and budget – most sub $5M firms fall short of the ~7% benchmark ratio for investment recommended by the CMO Survey. Justifying more resources is key where capabilities lag.

Top Objectives

Gaining market share increased to the #1 marketing objective, indicating that supply chain marketers focus on solidifying their companies’ position amid economic uncertainty. Lead gen dropped to #2, though it remains a critical revenue driver.

Interestingly, experienced marketers care less about raw lead volume, signaling a shift towards more targeted, high-intent demand gen.

What are your key objectives for 2023-2024?

Key Metrics

Demonstrating marketing ROI surged as a top metric, reflecting pressure to prove returns. Overall revenue moved up to tie for 2nd most important KPI. Conversions again topped the list – unsurprising given marketer control.

If you are measuring your results, what metrics are you most focused on?

Measuring is essential to stay competitive, though 5% still don’t quantify marketing results.


Content, SEO, and email remain top channels. Short articles, case studies, and customer stories bring high engagement. With abundant AI content, creating resonating original stories is more valuable than ever.

Investment jumped for virtual events and AI tools, showing an appetite for digital experiences and momentum around automation to enhance productivity.

What marketing tactics do you plan to invest in the next year?

Blending traditional and emerging tactics brings the potential to augment bandwidth-constrained teams.

Key Takeaway

While foundational struggles around resources and cross-functional divides persist, the industry is progressing toward more customer-centric and analytics-driven methods to fuel growth.

There’s much more to uncover in the full Supply Chain Marketing Outlook and Trends report. Arm yourself with comprehensive benchmarks to inform your 2024 planning and get an edge on the competition. Download the report for deeper insights across all major themes, including detailed data cuts by sub-industry, company size, budget, and objectives.

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