Putting All the Pieces Together for You

You’re fighting to win awareness and growth in a world that typically involves a myriad of suppliers, channels, customers and pricing schemes.

All are like pieces of a puzzle. When assembled by a skilled team, they produce a clear picture of your Roadmap to Success. Through years of working on the inside of supply chain/logistics, Virago Marketing understands the tabs and indentations, the ins and outs, of every piece of the puzzle and how they all fit together. They can give you a clear picture of your challenges and help construct a successful marketing model to invigorate your business.

Value-Based Marketing

You tell us where your marketing needs to go and we’ll get you there. Virago’s value-based marketing solutions are designed to amplify your company’s market presence and increase sales. By tracking the essential elements of your digital marketing campaigns, we ensure that they work in alignment with your business goals, delivering a high-impact message to your target audience in the most cost-effective, efficient way possible. All key data on marketing activities are collected, measured and analyzed, which allows us to make adjustments in real-time so your message is always new, always fresh, and always relevant.

Why Virago Marketing?

Don’t have time to “train” your marketing partner on your industry, products or customers you serve in the supply chain? Every employee or contractor of Virago Marketing is an insider, many who have held high-level positions with supply chain/logistics companies, have a deep understanding of all phases of this vast industry while developing good friends and valuable partnerships along the way. They have walked with the men and women who provide the raw materials, who transport, warehouse, distribute product, compute the logistics, and who make the hardware and software that make it all possible. We’ve walked the walk. And now we’re talking the talk. Developing spot-on marketing campaigns that speak to your target market in ways that only industry veteran can do. Don’t you want someone on your side who’s actually been on your side? Give us a call and let’s talk the talk together.

the Team

Jennie Malafarina
Owner / Marketing Operations Chief
Jennie Malafarina

Jennie Malafarina has been implementing and refining marketing operations at supply chain software providers for more than seven years. She is a master at marketing execution and “puts the pieces together” to ensure marketing strategies have a real ROI. As a visionary with a growth mindset, Jennie can put short-term goals in place with long-term vision to achieve results unparalleled in the industry.

As she works with clients on their digital strategies, she works on buyer’s journeys, tech infrastructure, automation and developing scalable and repeatable processes that help clients grow and prosper. She is Hubspot-certified and adept at many Martech platforms such as Pardot, Marketo, and other marketing technologies used by top tier companies.

Aaron Huff
Chief Content Officer
Aaron Huff

Aaron Huff grew up in trucking. His father, Steve, owned a regional fleet in central Utah. From an early age, Aaron developed an insatiable appetite to learn all the nuances of the business, especially truck mechanics and back-office technology.

In 2000 he launched a journalism career in trucking and logistics. He spotted an opportunity to perfectly combine his passion for writing, communications and marketing with boots-on-the-ground industry knowledge and experience. Aaron holds degrees in communications and operations management.

Aaron’s career started with Commercial Carrier Journal where he quickly developed a niche covering innovations in fleet management and technology. Aaron quickly became a must-read for fleet executives and managers to evaluate new and emerging technology. He is one of the most widely published authors in the industry.

An expert in written and multi-media content, Huff is uniquely able to capture the essence of advanced topics to help readers understand, remember, and apply best practices.

Aaron brings 21 years of experience to Virago Marketing where he interviewed countless industry executives and decision makers to learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry. Aaron is an essential resource for Virago clients to produce engaging content to reach and influence key decision makers.