We are a rare collection of
supply chain marketing experts.VM Element CORNER ORANGE

We get you.

Don’t you want someone on your side who’s actually been on your side? The team members at Virago are industry insiders with a deep understanding of transportation, logistics, and supply chain technology. When you hire Virago, we get right to work channeling buyers into your funnel.

Our most cherished value: delivering value.

Clients often come to us frustrated, not getting results or not sure what tactics are working. We want to help. We see it as our mission to create cost-effective solutions to achieve your goals. We’re conscious about structuring deals that deliver value. We don’t tie you up in costs and quotes and we never nickel and dime you.

Our growth mindset is contagious.

We’re always looking for a different and better way to target audiences and we’re committed to ingenious problem-solving and relentless improvement. We’ll uncover what makes your business and your ideal audience different and capitalize on those differences through strategies, campaigns and content that grow your revenue.

We partner with you.

You know that person at just about any company who you can go to to get it done? Virago is a collection of those people. Intelligent, understanding, committed, connected, and totally on your side. Our size and boutique ethic enable us to function as an extension of your team. We fill the gaps and know when and how to pull in outside resources.

Your omni-solution.

It is a huge advantage to have someone embedded in your operations who brings so much outside experience—and can get so much done for you. The ability of our team members to wear omni-hats, leads to ingenious omni-channel campaigns that deliver top industry results.

We’re embedded in your community.

We’re committed to the community we’ve found in supply chain. We stay in touch with our industry peers, sit on boards and committees, and make an effort to attend events and shows.  We make it our business to make new connections, broker introductions between like-minded people and companies, and identify opportunities to work together to create innovative comarketing opportunities that reduce costs and double our clients’ results.

We don’t just market tech, we implement tech.

You can rest assured that our team is always on the lookout for new AI and machine-learning tools. We’re firm believers in trying and testing, and we’re committed to implementing technologies that allow us to have a larger impact for our clients – increasing productivity, efficiency and performance across the board.

At Virago, we stand for our commitment to:

  • Collective Collaboration: We leverage each other’s talents and generously contribute to uplift our community and empower client success.

  • Growth: We are dedicated to innovation in all aspects of our operations to continuously improve.

  • Accountability: We take ownership of delivering high-quality, reliable work. We are responsible to every stakeholder.

These values shape how we operate as a company and partner with our clients. By putting our team first, we ensure customers benefit from our motivated, united team.

Meet the Team

Jennie Malafarina | CEO | Virago Marketing

Jennie Malafarina, Chief Executive Officer

Life Motto:

“Work hard, play hard.”
Aaron Huff | Chief Content Officer | Virago Marketing

Aaron Huff, Chief Content Officer

Life Motto:

“I am a slow walker,
but I never walk back.”
Leigh Sauter | Director of Operations & Strategy | Virago Marketing

Leigh Sauter, Director of Operations and Strategy

Life Motto:

“Seek first to understand,
then to be understood.”
Whitney Cowell | Director of Client Strategy | Virago Marketing

Whitney Cowell, Director of Client Strategy

Life Motto:

“In all you do, be bold,
be kind, be intentional.”
Melanie Klag | Account Manager | Virago Marketing

Melanie Klag, Account Manager

Life motto:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” or
“Don’t regret the things you have done,
but those you have failed to do.”
Joe Moore | Creative Director | Virago Marketing

Joe Moore, Creative Director

Life Motto:

"If it scares you, challenges you, or takes you out of your comfort zone, it’s probably worth doing. Those are the things that make us grow."

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