Virago specializes in B2B marketing for freight and logistics.

freight logistics marketing

Whether producing beautiful collateral, strengthening professional networks, securing positive press, or implementing digital/social media strategies, we use world-class technologies and proven methods to help our clients achieve meaningful differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

Marketing Fundamentals

As a full service marketing agency, Virago designs and implements marketing strategies for tech industries that blend digital and traditional methods to generate qualified leads and grow your revenue. We excel in studying methodological and evolving customer behavior to obtain a better understanding of the psychological process that comprises the buyer’s journey.

Traffic Generation / Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing content is created to form connections with people and companies who have problems that your product or service can solve. As a revenue growth marketing agency, our goal is to deliver a clear message about your product or service to the most qualified prospects possible. More views mean more potential for a sale.

Lead Generation

We call them “Quick Wins” – increasing your sales productivity by marketing approaches to generate qualified leads quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.

Lead Nurturing

It’s a little like fishing. You hook the fish (lead generation). Now you have to reel it in (lead nurturing). When you’ve got a lead on the line, our goal is to help you close the deal with a concerted marketing and communication effort that builds trust and connects you with your prospect. 

Sales Enablement

Utilizing your sales teams to efficiently and effectively move customers from the sales process to the point where they can make a buying decision is called sales enablement. It is a complex process that requires a highly skilled sales team and a comprehensive strategy. Virago involves not only sales and marketing in the sales enablement process, but all customer-facing roles. We make sure that everyone in your company is properly equipped with the necessary tools and materials to effectively engage with prospective buyers.

Customer Advocacy

What if your customers advertised for you? The fact is, they probably already do with word of mouth, YouTube reviews, Facebook statuses, Tweets, Instagram posts, and/or sharing your content over the internet. Customer advocacy is considered the most trustworthy type of advertising because it is delivered by real people to real people. And it’s free! Our goal is to encourage customers to be advocates for your product or service through incentives, responsive customer service, and by developing attention-grabbing stories around your brand.

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