Aaron Huff grew up in trucking. His father, Steve, owned a regional fleet in central Utah. From an early age, Aaron developed an insatiable appetite to learn all the nuances of the business, especially truck mechanics and back-office technology.

In 2000 he launched a journalism career in trucking and logistics. He spotted an opportunity to perfectly combine his passion for writing, communications and marketing with boots-on-the-ground industry knowledge and experience. Aaron holds degrees in communications and operations management.

Aaron’s career started with Commercial Carrier Journal where he quickly developed a niche covering innovations in fleet management and technology. Aaron quickly became a must-read for fleet executives and managers to evaluate new and emerging technology. He is one of the most widely published authors in the industry.

An expert in written and multi-media content, Huff is uniquely able to capture the essence of advanced topics to help readers understand, remember, and apply best practices.

Aaron brings 21 years of experience to Virago Marketing where he interviewed countless industry executives and decision makers to learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry. Aaron is an essential resource for Virago clients to produce engaging content to reach and influence key decision makers.