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SkyBitz Sustains Positive Marketing Momentum with Virago

Valuable partnership keeps the marketing engine running at full speed during a critical period

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The marketing engine of SkyBitz was at risk of being throttled by the departure of a marketing director in Q2 of 2023, among other staff changes. Meanwhile, the company needed to engage current and prospective customers with valuable content and messaging to meet its sales goals.

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An ongoing partnership with Virago proved critical for SkyBitz to prevent a cutoff for its digital marketing engine. Virago was finishing a Q2 campaign for SkyBitz and had all the components for Q3 campaigns underway when the company hired a new marketing manager, Tracy Gladden.


During the first week on the job, Gladden approved the Q3 campaign strategy and deliverables. She asked Virago to incorporate new templates and components, including sales and marketing collateral, for a promotional offer.


The Q3 “High Tech Fleets” and “High Tech Tanks” campaigns were launched on schedule. They targeted a select audience with full-funnel content, including guides, blogs, email sequences, landing pages, promotional materials, and digital ads. 


“The SkyBitz partnership with Virago paid huge dividends when I joined the company,” Gladden said. “We didn’t skip a beat, thanks to Virago’s forward-thinking approach, always looking ahead and building content in advance. We worked closely to adapt our campaign strategy and content to meet important needs in a compressed period. Virago’s expertise and responsiveness gave me the grace period and air cover I needed to properly onboard, proving extremely valuable.”

“Virago stands out as a top-tier partner known for its exceptional industry expertise and commitment to quality”

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Virago delivered integrated marketing campaigns for SkyBitz with expertly crafted and engaging content. The quality of the work enabled a fast and smooth transition for Gladden. Without Virago’s support in Q2 and Q3 of 2023, the company would have lost marketing momentum and missed opportunities to generate new sales leads and nurture current prospects in the funnel.


Having the quarterly campaigns in motion paid dividends from helping the new marketing manager get quickly up to speed and achieve a rapid return on investment from:


  • Generating sales leads. Responses to the Q3 campaign’s content and email communications added 42 warm leads, creating a new pipeline of sales opportunities despite challenging freight market conditions. Overall, in 2023, SkyBitz had 34.29% of their marketing qualified leads turn into opportunities. Of those opportunities, 22.36% became deals. Additionally, the company website achieved a 22% conversion rate over the last 3 years, generating millions in new revenue.
  • Business continuity. The rapid and flexible campaign strategy and content development helped SkyBitz marketing assist sales and sustain momentum during a critical period.
  • Integrated Approach. Virago delivered everything that SkyBitz needed on time and on point to reach its target market and stand out in a crowded field.


“Having collaborated with numerous agencies throughout my career, Virago stands out as a top-tier partner known for its exceptional industry expertise and commitment to quality. They delivered our marketing campaigns swiftly and efficiently during a crucial period with proven results,” Gladden praised.


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