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MeshVI Successfully Rebranded with the Help of Virago Marketing

With its advanced industry and marketing expertise, Virago eased the transformation, beating expected timelines and results.

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With an evolving solution and unwavering commitment to advancing the transportation insurance industry, Transharpe knew it needed to better relay its message and vision to potential clients and the industry. The company’s original branding no longer reflected its growth trajectory and aspirations. 


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive transformation encompassing their future potential and the company they envisioned, Transharpe sought a marketing partner to guide them through the process. It led them to Virago Marketing and, ultimately, the creation of meshVI

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Rebranding is a huge undertaking – it’s a new name, a new look, a new website, new everything! Plus, it must incorporate how to package that all up and go to market. It’s not something meshVI wanted to do on their own. That’s why they chose to work with Virago Marketing: to leverage their marketing expertise and industry knowledge. 


“In the industry that we’re in, Virago is that subject matter expert, and so, for us, we wanted to work with a company that we were confident would be able to deliver what we were looking for and also understood the industry that we’re targeting,” said Tiana Schowe, co-founder and chief operating officer at meshVI.


Equipped with its marketing expertise and transportation industry knowledge, Virago helped the meshVI team navigate its rebranding voyage. They partnered together on the company’s renaming, redesigning the logo, crafting brand guidelines, and launching a new website. The collaboration began in June 2023 and culminated in the launch of meshVI in January 2024.


“Because of Virago’s familiarity with the industry, it shortened a lot of timelines,” Schowe noted. “We did not have to spend time educating them on our industry, target audiences, or products. We were able to get straight to work, and everything went pretty quickly from there with just a little fine-tuning needed from our end.”

“In the industry that we’re in, Virago is that subject matter expert. … We wanted to work with a company that we were confident would be able to deliver what we were looking for and also understood the industry that we’re targeting.”

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Virago’s deep understanding of the transportation sector proved instrumental in expediting the rebranding process. The companies’ seamless collaboration facilitated strategic and efficient decision-making, which enabled the entire rebrand – from initial concept discussions to website launch, to be completed in just seven months. 


“I’ve gone through this rebranding process many times with many different firms in the past, and I have to say that I am very happy with Virago’s pricing and timeline,” Schowe pointed out. “It was the easiest to understand, the smoothest to execute, and it was just very clear right up front of what it was going to cost and what we should expect from that investment.”  


The rebrand is already paying off. Stakeholders have responded positively to it, acknowledging its effectiveness and resonance within the industry. 


“We’ve got nothing but tons of great feedback and compliments on the brand,” Schowe reported. “So, I’d say the branding is effective, and so far, I’ve been pretty happy with the analytics. The data that we’re collecting is good, and we’re getting traffic.”


MeshVI’s satisfaction extended beyond the website and final product to the whole process, including Virago’s clarity, transparency, and efficiency throughout the engagement. Their simplicity and openness, expertise, and patience proved invaluable, paving the way for a successful rebranding that will continue to drive organizational growth and success.


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