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Davinci Micro Fulfillment Invests in Building a Solid Foundation with Support from Virago Marketing

The partnership resulted in a cohesive brand messaging framework that has become the foundation for its ongoing internal and external communications.

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As a new player in micro fulfillment, Davinci Micro Fulfillment depended on organic, word-of-mouth marketing to establish itself. But as they grew and proved their model, Davinci needed to build a consistent, structured approach to its marketing and messaging efforts. However, on its own, the company faced challenges in articulating its value proposition both internally and externally. 


“We needed to make sure we were telling the right story across all of our channels, internally and externally,” said Corey Apirian, CEO of Davinci. “It was important that we develop a clear messaging framework that we could continue to build on as we grew. To do that, we knew that we needed to find the right marketing partner – one that understands our business and how to connect to our target audience effectively.”


Seeking a solution to enhance its brand awareness, and streamline its communication efforts, Davinci turned to Virago, a trusted marketing partner with expertise in the industry.

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Recognizing the importance of refining its messaging strategy, Davinci engaged Virago to develop a cohesive marketing foundation. Leveraging Virago’s industry expertise and collaborative approach, Davinci embarked on a journey to articulate its core messaging both internally and externally. 


Virago curated background information by interviewing Davinci employees, stakeholders, and customers. The information gleaned from those in-depth conversations helped Virago establish Davinci’s company mission, vision, values, and goals. They also ensured those same ideals were conveyed in any public – or customer-facing communications. Therefore, any messages, whether internal or external, are clear and consistent.  


“Virago did a really good job of bringing back all that information and distilling it down into a very digestible and clear and concise format for that foundation that we now use for multiple projects, in multiple ways,” Apirian said. 

Virago helped to completely strengthen our overall marketing efforts because we now have a foundation of internal and external messaging that we didn’t before.

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Davinci now has a library of cohesive content that they can use to create marketing collateral, website content, or even quality manuals for warehouse employees.


Additionally, they are able to share this brand messaging with other partners to build successful announcements, press releases, and social media posts. One of those announcements garnered more than 15,000 impressions on LinkedIn.


While the longer sales cycle at Davinci means that certain quantitative metrics are not yet available, the partnership with Virago has already generated significant qualitative benefits. With a newly established messaging framework, Davinci now has an organized, consistent narrative that can be leveraged across all communication channels. Internally, the mission and values resonated with employees, fostering a sense of alignment and purpose.


Externally, Davinci’s messaging effectively communicated its unique value proposition, leading to increased brand awareness and engagement. 


“Virago helped to completely strengthen our overall marketing efforts because we now have a foundation of internal and external messaging that we didn’t before.”

Overall, Virago’s strategic guidance and tailored solutions empowered Davinci to improve its messaging and position itself for future success in the competitive fulfillment industry.


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