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A Leading AI-Driven TMS Increases Mid-Market Shipper Leads with Virago Marketing

Focusing on brand awareness and niche marketing campaigns allowed the company (who wished to remain anonymous) to create more awareness with its upmarket audience.

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In 2020, a transportation technology company made a strategic acquisition that enabled them to begin developing an AI Transportation Management Platform (TMP) that optimally matches loads, assets, and drivers within networks across supply chains. The acquisition allowed the transportation technology company to build upon its existing capabilities and extend its footprint.


While they were well on their way to offering the most innovative TMP in the market, they needed to generate awareness and attract shippers. The company turned to Virago for its industry marketing expertise to refine its strategy and fill its sales pipeline.


“Our team has been leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to help shippers optimize dispatch, accounting, and fleet management, all on one platform, and we are excited to get the word out to more and more large shippers,” said the company’s Inside Sales and Demand Generation leader. “With a smaller marketing team supporting a growing salesforce, we knew we needed additional expertise to introduce new tactics and expand our presence in the market.”

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By interviewing stakeholders and understanding the company’s overall platform, goals, and strategy comprehensively, Virago quickly created clear messaging and deployed impactful, customized, targeted campaigns.


“Virago’s industry experience really shines when it comes to the content they create,” a company leader said. “We’re able to articulate the goals and broad strokes that we’re trying to communicate, and they consistently
deliver a product that’s spot-on from the first iteration, saving us time and money.”


Virago helped the transportation technology company tackle brand awareness by partnering with an industry influencer; drive leads by creating, launching, and measuring marketing campaigns to specific niche markets; and supporting the launch of their AI-driven transportation management platform.


“[Our company] is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of new technologies, so we knew that we wanted to work with a forward-thinking marketing partner to help us achieve our goals and try new things,” the sales leader said. “Virago encouraged us to look at the big picture and define what’s possible. When you’re in the growth phase, trying to work both in the business while also working to secure business, that guidance is invaluable.”

“Virago’s industry experience really shines when it comes to the content they create.”

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Through its marketing efforts with Virago, the transportation technology company increased its monthly mid-market deals pipeline by 500%.


By embracing automation, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and website insights, the company has created a proactive marketing and sales effort to move prospects through their funnel – earning them both external success and internal recognition from the company’s CEO.


“We quickly noticed that the marketing tactics were working – from an increase in web visitors to our LinkedIn activity – which really helps us prove the value of what we’re doing,” commented the sales leader.


In addition, Virago created an in-depth marketing and demand generation strategy to guide the company’s efforts and keep the company aligned with their go-to-market strategy through 2023.


“Being responsible for Demand Generation, I especially appreciate that everything Virago does for us has a measurement tied to it,” the company sales leader said. “I feel so much more confident about where and how I’m allocating my budget and internal resources.”


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