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Virago Marketing Boosts TrueTMS’s Brand Identity & Awareness

Virago’s knowledge of the transportation industry enabled TrueTMS to deliver content and messaging quickly and consistently.

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As a startup, TrueTMS faced several challenges in gaining traction within the transportation industry. Those obstacles included:


  1. Limited internal resources and expertise dedicated to marketing – team members were focused on other aspects of building the business, so marketing was put on the back burner.

  2. The ability to differentiate itself in a competitive market and establish a brand identity and awareness among potential customers – TrueTMS has a unique technology solution, but needed help reaching its target audience with the right message.

  3. Finding the best marketing agency to solve #1 and #2 – TrueTMS knew it needed outside help but struggled to find a partner who knew the industry and understood the terminology and nuances of each type of trucking company. That’s where Virago Marketing stood out amongst its competitors.


“I talked to several other agencies, but they didn’t have the unique skill set or understanding of this industry. They’re just your average boutique marketing firm. But there’s something to be said about understanding the customers that we serve,” said George Thellman, Director of Business Development & Strategic Relations at TrueTMS.

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TrueTMS chose Virago Marketing based on its unique skill set, industry knowledge, and collaborative approach.


“We needed someone that not only understood the unique landscape of the transportation logistics industry from a software perspective, but also understood our mission, our culture and would work with us as if they were a member of our team,” Thellman noted.


Services Provided by Virago:

  • Brand-building, including logo creation, key messaging, and ideal customer profile development.

  • Website design, development, and hosting.

  • Content marketing strategies, such as press releases, blogs, and sales collateral.


Virago’s comprehensive approach to marketing helped TrueTMS build a brand identity and then strategically take that brand to market. With its demonstrated expertise and understanding of the transportation industry, Virago helped effectively communicate TrueTMS’s value proposition to its target audience.


“Could we have created a brand presence in this industry without Virago? The answer is yes, but we would not have been able to do it as fast and as effectively as we did with Virago,” Thellman noted. “Virago is not just a task-doer. They definitely understand the industry segment, our mission, our culture, and that helps increase the velocity of deliverables without the need for revisions.”

“(Virago’s) industry expertise is bar none compared to any other agency. Their collaborative approach and seamless integration into our team enabled us to strengthen our overall marketing efforts and achieve our goals efficiently.

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Because marketing and messaging are still ramping up, solid metrics are not available, but by leveraging Virago’s industry expertise and strategic guidance, TrueTMS successfully established itself as a reputable player in the transportation sector. Its continued partnership with Virago is yielding significant benefits, which include:

  1. Accelerated brand establishment: With Virago’s support, TrueTMS was able to establish its brand presence swiftly and effectively within the transportation industry.


  2. Strategic partnerships: TrueTMS’s increased brand awareness facilitated partnerships with complementary vendors in the transportation sector, expanding its reach and potential customer base. 

“I was at a trade show last year just walking the floor, I had my TrueTMS shirt on, and a guy walking past said, ‘hey, I see your ads everywhere; tell me more about your business,’ and we now partner with that vendor for some technology integrations” Thellman recalled. “But if it wasn’t for our marketing efforts, they would not have picked me out of the crowd walking the tradeshow floor.”

  1. Enhanced brand positioning: Virago helped TrueTMS develop a clear brand identity and messaging strategy tailored to different industry verticals, such as liquid hauling and carriers.


“The industry expertise is bar none compared to any other agency. Their collaborative approach and seamless integration into our team enabled us to strengthen our overall marketing efforts and achieve our goals efficiently. Without Virago, establishing our brand presence would have been a much slower and resource-intensive process,” Thellman stated. “Virago not only executed tasks but also provided valuable insights and guidance, ensuring that our brand remained consistent and impactful across all marketing channels.”


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