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Eleos Achieves Open & CTR Rates 5x the Industry Average with Help from Virago Marketing

Trucking technology company Eleos increased brand awareness and interest in its custom driver apps through a comprehensive content marketing campaign and earned media coverage.

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Eleos is well-positioned to help fleets increase the efficiency of their daily operations and driver satisfaction with fully customizable mobile apps. The Eleos platform allows carriers to build an app that meets their unique specifications for workflows, communications, navigation, trip planning, etc. – all of which can be integrated quickly and easily with their existing systems. However, Eleos lacked the internal staffing capacity to share that crucial message with its target audience. 

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Greenville, SC, Eleos is passionate about helping their customers create the best custom mobile apps for their drivers. The custom apps they build allow fleets to run their business in the way that works best for them, giving them the flexibility and control to create a driver experience that is unique to their organization. Eleos is proud to be a part of that process and aspires to be known for their innovation, reliability, and ability to make a difference for their customers and their drivers. Learn more at

“Driver satisfaction is a huge problem right now, and we feel like our solution helps improve the lives of drivers and gives them a much better driving experience. We saw the need to raise awareness about our solution and how it helps fleets and drivers, but we struggled to get the message out,” said Brad Tovey, Vice President of Marketing at Eleos. “We have a small but mighty marketing team. But writing content on our own would have been a long process and the end result may not have been at the level we wanted.”


Luckily, for Eleos, Virago Marketing had the content experience and industry familiarity it needed to help create clear and consistent messaging that would bring awareness to Eleos’ best-in-class custom driver apps.

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Virago leveraged its transportation, logistics, and trucking knowledge and content marketing expertise to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign that highlighted why carriers should be using a custom app to improve driver satisfaction and fleet efficiency.


“The trucking industry is a very unique space, and we needed a marketing partner who understood how it works and the issues faced by fleets in today’s market. Virago had the industry experience and contacts we needed, and we were able to leverage their decades of industry experience to validate our message and show potential customers why they need a custom app,” Tovey said.


The campaign developed for Eleos included several pieces of carefully crafted content, including blogs, infographics, email marketing communications, and, most importantly, longer-form articles that were pitched to industry trade publications. These expertly written, non-biased articles garnered earned media coverage, showcasing Eleos as a credible thought leader in the industry.


“We set out to share the importance of custom apps and how they are benefiting some of the biggest fleets in North America because it not only helps our business grow, but it also helps the industry as a whole. With custom apps, fleets are more efficient, drivers are happier, and customer service improves,” Tovey said. “Virago helped us craft our message with content that was worthy of trade media pickup.”

“The trucking industry is a very unique space, and we needed a marketing partner who understood how it works and the issues faced by fleets in today’s market.”

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Virago leveraged its industry expertise to draft content for Eleos that achieved placement in multiple media outlets, including articles in Commercial Carrier Journal, Heavy Duty Trucking, FleetOwner, FreightWaves, and Transport Topics.


Additionally, the content was repurposed and published on the Eleos website and shared via email and social media platforms. While Eleos has a long sales cycle, the content is fulfilling the need for demand generation and resulting in a high number of clicks and downloads.


“We measure open and click-through rates, and the content pieces we’ve produced with Virago for our last few campaigns have consistently performed at levels that are more than five times the industry average.” Tovey said. “I think it’s safe to contribute that to the outstanding quality of the content. The message really resonates with our audience.”


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