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Eleos Exceeds Campaign Goals with Virago Marketing

The company wanted to implement a thought
leadership campaign to help customers and prospects address timely challenges in the trucking industry. Campaign results for lead generation have exceeded expectations.

Founded in 2011, Greenville,
SC-based Eleos focuses on technology solutions that help trucking companies gain complete control over their drivers’ mobile experience by providing all the tools for the job, inside and outside the cab.

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Eleos is unique among technology providers in the trucking industry. Its mobile app platform is fully customizable by fleets to address long-standing business and driver communication challenges. Yet the company was struggling with how best to convey its brand message through an integrated marketing campaign of content assets.


“We know we have the best driver-centric app in the trucking industry, but we didn’t have the internal manpower to put behind marketing it as much as we needed to,” said Brad Tovey, vice president of marketing at Eleos. “Thankfully, Virago was able to step in and immediately help us create a thought leadership campaign that not only highlighted our differentiators but also how our platform solves some of the biggest challenges our industry is facing today.”

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Because Virago is solely focused on the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry, its experienced team acutely understands the struggles fleets are facing and how Eleos’ advanced driver-centric technology can address those needs.


The Virago team hit the ground running and developed highly effective content for a six-month campaign with very little oversight or edits needed from Eleos. Virago delivered all of the materials for the campaign, from ideation through design, in two months.


The campaign addressed the driver shortage and retention issues plaguing today’s fleets. It also noted how fleets can improve the driver experience and set themselves apart. The campaign was thoughtfully set up to deliver top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel content to seamlessly move contacts through a full marketing lifecycle.


Eleos pushed out all the content pieces – guides, blogs, infographics, emails and social posts – to its target audience and tracked the metrics.


“It’s great working with a team that not only knows our industry and understands how our technology solves the issues that our customers are facing, but also knows the best ways to share our message and reach our target audience,” said Eric Evans, director of marketing for Eleos. “From my perspective, the campaign and working with Virago has been an absolute homerun!”

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Because Virago is solely focused on the transportation, logistics,
and supply chain industry, its experienced team acutely understands the struggles fleets are facing.

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Eleos has a long sales cycle. Some deals take up to two years to close. The full extent of the campaign’s success is yet to be reached but the outlook is very favorable.


“We had so many hits right off the bat that we had to shut down our initial content syndication ads after just two weeks, so we could work the leads and regroup on what our spend needed to be,” Evans said. “We’re now running new content syndication ads and seeing the same results. We’ve been very impressed.”


Between the content syndication, guide downloads, email click-throughs, and other trackable metrics, Eleos was able to provide its business development representatives with a solid list of marketing-qualified leads. In fact, the list became so large that an additional email sales cadence was implemented to nurture leads more before making a call.


“Sales is very pleased and ready to keep the leads rolling in as we work through the remainder of the campaign,” said Tovey. “I’m really excited to see where this goes. It’s also a good start to ramping up our marketing program as we still have a lot to share with the industry, and we know Virago can help us spread that message.”


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