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Jarrett Logistics Gains Qualified Leads & Brand Awareness with Virago

Exceptional partnership results in engaging content that drives an ongoing marketing strategy

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Jarrett Logistics aimed to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign focused on the importance of innovative technology in supply chain operations. And while they have a strong and agile internal marketing team, they knew the breadth and depth of the new initiative needed an expert digital marketing team that could focus solely on launching and executing an expertly crafted and well-thought-out content marketing campaign. 


“Our campaign needs were so broad, and we had such a large market, we knew that … we needed the support of a knowledgeable, respectable, and trusted digital marketing partner,” said Jacquie Mazziotta, Senior Marketing Manager at Jarrett. “We knew it was going to be multifaceted, so we needed a group to handle something of this magnitude.”


Luckily for Jarrett, expertise and focused, personalized service is Virago Marketing’s specialty.

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Jarrett chose Virago because of their industry knowledge and trusted team. 


“What made Virago stand out was the ease with which I could communicate what we were looking for,” Mazziotta said. “I trusted their advice, their recommendations, and they developed a very well-thought-out marketing plan.”


Virago worked closely with Jarrett to understand their objectives, which resulted in a comprehensive marketing strategy that included a guide, multiple blogs, email marketing and lead nurturing workflow, digital advertising, content syndication, and social media marketing. Because of their vast knowledge of the industry and marketing tactics, Virago was able to take an innovative approach to content creation, diversification, and distribution across various platforms that resulted in workable, legitimate leads from an array of companies.


Key Strategies Implemented:

  1. Clear Communication and Trust: Virago stood out for their accessibility and personalized approach. Jarrett felt valued as they received clear communication and trusted recommendations, fostering a strong partnership. Mazziotta noted, “I didn’t feel like a number. I felt like we were important, and [Virago] was concerned about our goals. And they truly were there to help us. It wasn’t like we were just another project.”

  1. Innovative Content Creation: Virago helped Jarrett refine their campaign focus on AI technology, transforming initial ideas into a full-fledged campaign with a guide, blogs, emails, ads, and messaging strategies.

  2. Diversification of Content: The Virago team assisted in diversifying content, ensuring it resonated with different target audiences while maintaining quality and consistency.

  3. Strategic Adaptability: When faced with challenges such as delays in content delivery and corporate approval processes, Virago displayed adaptability and efficiency, ensuring smooth project execution.

I didn’t feel like a number. I felt like we were important, and [Virago] was concerned about our goals. … It wasn’t like we were just another project.

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“The overall strategy was comprehensive. It was effective. We saw results. And it was good content. We’re still using it, and we can use it for a long time,” noted Mazziotta.


Virago was able to deliver a successful marketing strategy built on an all-encompassing content marketing campaign that includes evergreen content that is able to be used over time and across myriad platforms. The quality of the work and the accessibility of the Virago team enabled Jarrett to adapt to challenges and achieve higher-than-anticipated lead generation. 


The campaign exceeded expectations, generating 38 inbound leads, a significant increase from initial projections and more than other campaigns delivered by previous firms. Jarrett praised the quality of leads and the effectiveness of the campaign in establishing brand credibility and awareness. Despite hurdles, such as delays in content delivery, Virago’s strategic guidance and exceptional content helped Jarrett achieve tangible results, reinforcing their position as a trusted technology partner in the market


“Virago was instrumental in our success. Their innovative approach to strategy and content, coupled with their exceptional customer service, helped us exceed our goals. We saw significant results, received legitimate leads, and gained valuable insights for future campaigns. I highly recommend Virago to others seeking a trusted and knowledgeable digital marketing partner,” Mazziotta said.


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