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Magnus Technologies Revamped its Marketing Strategy & Increased Leads with Virago Marketing

Establishing a fully fleshed out marketing program helped the company set and achieve sales goals while significantly growing its pipeline.

Magnus Technology Group, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has 20 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering enterprise SaaS-based TMS solutions to truckload and LTL fleets of all sizes. The all-new Magnus TMS platform is modular and works seamlessly with the Magnus Driver App and Magnus Carrier Advantage network to deliver a complete, end-to-end mobile dispatch and order fulfillment solution that maximizes profitability and growth.

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Magnus Technologies has a brilliant team of software developers, engineers, and other technical gurus, but they didn’t have the marketing expertise needed to take the company to the next level.


“We had a loose understanding of marketing and were running standard, inefficient campaigns,” said Matt Cartwright, CEO, Magnus Technologies. “We had a more organic, ad hoc approach rather than a strategically built-out marketing mindset that cohesively brings together thought leadership content, advertising, public relations, list building, and marketing technology platforms to get the best results and bring in the leads.”


But what Magnus did know is that they have the best, cloud-based carrier TMS in the industry. They just struggled with getting that message to its target audience. The company needed Virago’s industry marketing expertise to help it develop a fully thought-out, more sophisticated marketing program, increase brand awareness, reach the intended decision-makers, and drive new leads.

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Magnus chose to work with Virago because its team is not only well-versed in marketing strategy, automation, content and digital marketing, and public relations, but they also understand the trucking and logistics space, putting them one large step ahead of other marketing firms that Magnus vetted.


Virago helped Magnus move away from run-of-the-mill, standard marketing procedures and establish realistic marketing KPIs, the accountability for meeting those goals, and how the metrics would be measured.


“We didn’t really track metrics like click-through rate, cost-per-lead or things like that, so Virago outlined everything we discussed in their statement of work and how they would help us exceed our lead gen goals,” Cartwright said. “They helped us develop a scientific approach to testing and discovering what is effective, and then they hit the ground running.”


Virago now works as essentially the in-house marketing and public relations department for Magnus. They handle all campaign development, overall marketing strategy, email, digital and social media marketing, content development and deployment, as well as training and onboarding for sales team members.


“Magnus will always be a technology focused company, but with the help of Virago Marketing, we are now able to complement our outreach with a best-in-class marketing strategy.”, said John Holstrom, director of business development, Magnus Technologies. “There’s just been an overall lift and growth in our marketing maturity and approach in a relatively short amount of time, and we would never have gotten here without Virago’s expertise.”

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“We’ve seen an increase in quarter-over-quarter results, supported by excellent metrics.”

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The efforts put forth by Virago and Magnus Technologies have paid off. In less than a year of working together, Magnus can now attribute 49% of its sales-qualified leads/opportunities and two-thirds of its sales pipelines to various marketing campaigns or activities.


The company has also increased its database in quantity but also quality. Magnus went from 1,200 contacts to more than 42,000, all of which are high quality with good contact information. This database enables Magnus to reach its target audience with all its marketing materials and campaigns, attributing to the numbers mentioned above.


“Not only do we have a number of leads coming in, but the size of the opportunities are also increasing,” said Ian Byrd, vice president of sales, Magnus Technologies. “Our business development representatives have been able to exceed their numbers since we engaged with Virago. The efficiency of their workflow has increased and resulted in better leads. I’d say their day-to-day work life has gotten a lot easier because of the automation and processes that have been put in place with Virago’s help.”


In addition to the automation and follow-up sequences implemented by Virago, they’ve also led a new sales development process, including role-playing, onboarding, standard operating procedures, and consistent messaging/language, which has resulted in a scalable and repeatable program that enables a cohesive approach to sales.


“The growth speaks for itself,” Cartwright said. “We’ve seen an increase in quarter-over-quarter results, supported by excellent metrics, allowing us to empirically demonstrate that we’re set up for continued strategic growth.”


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