Quantix Unveils Unified Messaging by Partnering with Virago Marketing

Quantix, the leading supply chain services company to the chemical industry, partnered with Virago Marketing to transform its messaging strategy for its 3PL Services division. Facing challenges in conveying the value of their offerings to customers, Quantix turned to Virago for their expertise in the industry.

Quantix has provided the world’s largest chemical companies with end-to-end support through a nationwide network, a comprehensive suite of services, and the highest level of safety, compliance, and integrity for over half a century.

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Quantix faced the challenge of establishing clear and compelling messaging for its Quantix OnTrack visibility solution and 3PL Services division. As their product portfolio expanded, the complexity of articulating their services’ value grew.


Quantix understood that its dedicated team members possessed extensive industry experience and a wealth of knowledge and aspired to ensure that every member of their organization could benefit from the insights of their most seasoned professionals. However, they faced a challenge: Quantix needed to distill these insider insights into clear messaging for its innovative Quantix OnTrack visibility solution and their robust 3PL Services division. They turned to the marketing experts at Virago to create a coherent and impactful messaging approach to apply to their sales efforts.


Zack Novak, SVP, 3PL Solutions at Quantix, shared, “Our messaging lacked the clarity to communicate the tangible benefits that Quantix’s 3PL division and our OnTrack visibility solution provide our customers. We knew we needed to step up and make sure we conveyed that we understand the challenges our customers face, and make it clear that our expertise can ensure their success.”

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Virago set out to distill Quantix’s vast experience into a messaging framework that would connect with its audience. The team conducted interviews to capture the expertise of Quantix’s seasoned professionals. By leveraging their extensive supply chain experience, the Virago team quickly gained trust, bypassed the need for industry explanations, and went straight to the heart of the matter. They used the insights they gathered into Quantix’s services, client challenges, and unique value to craft a messaging framework that captured their offerings, outlined their competitive advantages, and showcased their dedication to the success of their clients.


“The industry expertise that Virago brought to the table was pivotal. It allowed us to distill complex offerings into messages that resonate with our internal teams and our customers,” explained Zack Novak.

In close collaboration with the Quantix team, Virago distilled the value propositions for OnTrack and the 3PL division, while also shaping the brand’s tone and personality. With the messaging framework in place, Virago seamlessly transitioned to crafting marketing materials to convey the new messaging to its prospective customers effectively.

“The industry expertise that Virago brought to the table was pivotal. It allowed us to distill complex offerings into messages that resonate with our internal teams and our customers…”

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The messaging framework ensures a harmonized narrative across the Quantix organization, elevating Quantix’s credibility and presenting a unified front to the market. This influence extends within, empowering divisions to grasp 3PL and OnTrack’s alignment with Quantix’s broader services. This newfound clarity aligned the company’s messaging and paved the way for success in all future sales and marketing efforts.


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