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Telematics Leader SkyBitz Increases Sales Pipeline 23%

The partnership between SkyBitz and Virago works so well because of Virago’s industry expertise, which helps in developing successful campaigns that deliver value through all stages of the customer buying journey.

SkyBitz, Inc. is the leader in commercial telematics for transportation and logistics, oil and gas, and industrial markets. The company’s asset tracking and monitoring solutions deliver precise, real-time data and analytics from smart IoT sensors that enable optimal decision making and automate workflows associated with trailer assets, containers, and tank inventories.

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Growth-minded technology providers in the transportation and logistics industry must continuously deliver value to customers and prospects through robust marketing efforts that create effective sales pipelines.

SkyBitz had tried various agencies to assist with its own marketing efforts, but the content and other deliverables consistently missed the mark for technical accuracy and relevancy.

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SkyBitz partnered with Virago Marketing for campaign strategies, content and coordination of integrated demand generation and marketing campaigns. The industry knowledge, experience and expertise of Virago in the trucking and logistics industry have proven instrumental for moving the needle. 


Virago skillfully connects the brand story of SkyBitz with content that resonates with customers and prospects to create value through all stages of the buying journey, says Mitchell Olszewski, director of marketing at SkyBitz. 


“This year [2022], we’ve been able to create demand generation and integrated marketing programs that speak to all parts of the buyer’s journey,” he said. “Virago provides clever, attention-getting advertising and content that proves the value of our products and services and differentiates us from our competitors. Where could visual content be harnessed for your business? Maybe you could show supply chain management customers how your business’s unique solutions solve common problems. Or perhaps a visual guide can convey the message. If you’ve got a good sense of humor, maybe you simply want to produce a funny video to ensure your brand sticks in prospects’ minds (but please, take your content to someone you trust to tell you whether it’s actually funny before you post it!). With the right message and graphics, visual content can be an asset to your overall strategy


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The content and integrated marketing programs delivered by Virago in 2022 have been perfectly aligned with the company’s product strategy and sales goals. By executing the programs, SkyBitz
has grown its sales pipeline by 23% year over year.


“One of my favorite things about working with the Virago team,” says Olszewski, “is starting with building a strategy, and having content and everything else for an integrated program ready and available to execute on time. Virago delivers a turnkey solution. This is not easy since there are so many different moving parts, but that demonstrates a true partnership.

For SkyBitz, the benefits of partnering with Virago include:

Big Leads

A recent campaign resulted in several Fortune 500 companies contacting SkyBitz for RFPs. The company has been chasing
the same key accounts for years prior with mixed results.


Virago assisted with campaign execution and other services when a marketing manager at SkyBitz resigned in early 2022. “I can rely on Virago to deliver the strategy along with the execution,” Olszewski said. “It’s just what you would expect from an employee. Virago kept everything moving and exceeded the expectations I had for delivering on our integrated programs.”

Agile Approach

Virago delivers everything that SkyBitz needs to execute integrated marketing campaigns via an online project management tool. All the items are thoughtfully organized and available on time and on target for seamless execution. “A lot of people want to be agile, but not a lot of people can deliver on it. Our team always knows what we are supposed to get, and where and when to get it,” Olszewski says.


The owner of Virago meets regularly with the SkyBitz marketing team to develop and coordinate strategy, to collaborate with internal stakeholders, and connect SkyBitz with industry partners to develop co-branded marketing materials and campaigns.

Engaging Content

The content from Virago always exceeds the expectations of SkyBitz, but more importantly, stands out to prospects and customers in a crowded field.

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By executing
Virago programs, SkyBitz has grown its sales pipeline by 23% year over year.


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