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Transflo Works with Virago to Create a Real Pipeline of $1.4 Million in Review

Virago’s industry expertise and ability to ask the right questions to get the important answers are why Transflo chose to partner with the B2B agency.

Transflo offers a suite of mobile, telematics, data, scanning, and document management all in one integrated experience. Transflo delivers real-time communications to thousands of fleets, brokers, and commercial vehicle drivers who represent over $100 billion in freight bills each year. Transflo drives better business results, and their
clients excel.

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Transflo’s senior marketing director said the company was doing fairly well with corporate marketing and gaining awareness for its brand to position itself well in the industry. However, the company faced challenges with product launches and identifying the correct target audiences. Focusing on the campaigns was becoming a time-consuming process, leaving the corporate marketing tasks on the back burner.


“You have to be consistent in modern marketing,” the senior marketing director said. “As the B2B buyer, it’s all about them doing their journey, not us forcing them on their journey. So if they’re out there, at that kind of front end of the investigation circle, it’s not a true funneling.”


He said Transflo wanted to find new ways to resonate with its clients by creating fresh, relevant content for its audience. With two new products ready to launch, the company reached out to Virago to create high-quality campaigns for their target audience.

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According to the senior marketing director, Transflo was initially introduced to Virago through a business partner and reached out to get support with new product launches. Virago’s services helped the company promote its new mobile app and boost engagement for webinar events for prospective buyers. The discussions got the audience thinking for an easy transition to pivot towards showcasing tools that Transflo can offer to solve industry problems. The success of the roundtables led Transflo to work with Virago on essential guides that outlined mobile-focused ways to retain drivers.


“We were able to garner chunks of info and cherry-pick what we wanted and put it in this guide that really resonated with the audiences,” he said.

“We have super high
ROI on [the campaign]. …
The amount of content
that we were able to create we’ll be able to reuse
for times to come.”

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Transflo said the marketing campaigns with Virago were highly effective.


“We have super high ROI on it,” the senior marketing director said. “We’re way in the positive. I think the amount of content that we were able to create we’ll be able to reuse for times to come. In a time when we were seeing, because of COVID, people getting tired of online stuff and you’re seeing a big drop in attendance when we were paying to do webinars–we hosted our own webinar, and we literally beat the market by 400 percent in attendees.”


He pointed to Virago’s expertise in reporting skills and asking the right questions to get the important answers as two of the main reasons the company partnered with the B2B marketing agency. Transflo received 426 registrations and gained 12 opportunities to create a real pipeline of $1.4 million in review.


“[They] find out the pain points, and then help craft the message you think would resonate,” he said. [It’s] super well organized…here’s a four-month campaign, here’s all the touchpoints that are gonna happen. Here’s what Virago is responsible for.  Here’s what Transflo is responsible for.”


The senior marketing director pointed out that Transflo has seen its new guides downloaded more than 600 times, which doesn’t include the 500 pre-orders. Some of the leads have turned into long-term contracts that will last for years.


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